Sunday, August 04, 2013
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As posted on my instagram, obviously the end of Ramadan is coming with just a few more days to fast that we have to go through. So with that said, what have we done this Ramadan? Did we have enough time to complete our prayers and all? Do we spend our nights doing tarawihs and tahajjud? Are we seeking for the Night of power also known as Lailatul Qadr? 

And what do we know about this Lailatul Qadr, its a night so blessed and great that those who attain will be rewarded so handsomely. For us muslims, who wouldn't want to have such rewards? It is so benefical for us in hereafter. Occurs on the last 10days of ramadan, said to be "hiding" in the odd days. 

I hope many of us manage to fill our ramadan with ibadah and learnt valuable lessons from it before it leaves in afew days time. :)

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Sunday, July 28, 2013
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Well hello again. Its been years since i last came here ya? I think i would go back into blogging for awhile.Its not like myself to be publicly sharing like how i used to last time. I guess with the existance of twitter and instagram, everything seem to be limited.

Life has been a great challenge. After hijrah afew years back and all the changes from student to working life, i think i need to slow down a tinsy bit.

How was ramadan? Its already 20 days past and soon it will be eid and national day. Gotten all you kuehs and raya goodies already anot? Better go get them quick. Haha.

I guess that shall be all for today. Maybe i will update again. Hmm... we shall see.


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Saturday, August 20, 2011
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Assalamualaikum! Ramadhan Mubarak ya Habibi~

How has everyone been? Heh.. I never thought that i would even be updating this blog ever again. So anyhooo~ I doubt that anyone would be reading this blog anymore so yeah... Whatever.

Its alaready day 20 of Ramadhan! Isn't it fast? And soon, it will come to an end. So sad! Sometimes i wish that the month would be extended longer so that i would be able to spend more time doing ibadah and reading the quran.

At the same time, UT3 is coming! URGH! Why? Why? I is so scared! And the other schools will be having exams as well (or have they already started?). So.... Good luck Pepos! Study hard and smart. Get awesome grades.

That will be all. Maybe i will come back with another post? Hmmmm~ Till then..

♥추억에 살아 내일은 잊으려나♥

Saturday, January 01, 2011
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Hello! Happy 2011!

Anyways.. I dont think i would be updating this blog as often. (or perhaps never. hahah!)

So everyone! please do relink me on my tumblr aite?


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